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Gemeinsam find wir das passende Werbepaket auch für Sie!


Together we determine your individual advertising needs.


We will make an individual offer according to your wishes.


We supply and assemble (according to your offer) your Signs and advertisements.

Web business card

from 299€ 

vehicle lettering

from 29.90€

FAQ - Häufig gestellte Fragen

What does this cost?

Is probably one of the most important and frequently asked questions ...

This question depends on many different factors, please consider ... As individual as your advertising wishes, so also individually our prices ...

Special needs do not have to be expensive ...

We provide information, advice and design. We manufacture and assemble exclusively according to the personal wishes and requirements of our customers.

Therefore, we also calculate individually. So no price list? Correct!

With us you will not buy anything from Rod ...


We will provide you with an offer that is tailored to your object, because no advertisement is the same as the other. Whether a small individual object or a larger serial production - we tailor every order with our customers in detail.

We would be glad to provide you with a free and non-binding offer ... Let us advise you, together we will find a solution for your project ...

Are the prints weather resistant?

All prints for signs, stickers, self-adhesive films, advertising plans and banners on all our materials (except paper) are light, abrasion resistant and weather resistant.

The correct print data


The image resolution (for original image size) should be at least 300 dpi, otherwise caused quality losses in print.


Full surface background and layout elements, which reach the final format edge, must rise up at least 2.0 mm into the trimming,
in order to adjust possible cut tolerances. 
Please avoid narrow edges (smaller than 2.0 mm) and  pictures and texts placed too near at the edge, since here it also can come  to cut tolerances.
We recommend a distance of at least 4 mm. If you deliver your template with trimming and/or not in the final format, please put on cut marks.

Color mode CMYK

Our printers exclusively print in the CMYK mode.
Make sure you create your special colors in the CMYK mode.
RGB data as well as special colors must be converted.
For the resulting color shifts, we can assume no liability.
Your pictures merge as tiff, jpg or EPS files. Do not store ICC profiles with the file.
Embedded color profiles are rejected. Thereby however black ones of texts become up screened into the 4 process colors.
It is advisable to put on the text (if 100% black) as 100% K (= black).


We recommend to convert fonts into paths / curves.
Fonts (if not converted into paths / curves) to embed completely (not as a sub-group).
Also embed standard fonts (such as Arial, Courier, etc.) 
Do not use a mixed color for black text but use 100% solid black color.
Fonts in PDF files created out of CorelDRAW, have all to be converted to curves.
The alone embedding, completely as well as a sub-group, leads by the processing to problems and will not be recognized by any reclamation!

Spelling and punctuation errors

Spelling mistakes are not corrected. Pay attention to proof sheets.
Break positions are not checked.

For nonobservance of this targets we assume no liability for the printing result !

What materials can be printed?

We print the most diverse materials, even in large format! These include: wood, dibond, forex, aluminum, truck tarp, acrylic, textiles, self-adhesive films and various papers.

Can a vehicle inscription be removed again?

Vehicle inscriptions can be removed at any time without residue. Should you have any further questions, we will be happy to advise you.


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